11 Times Bruno Fernandes Shocked The World.
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  • Cr7 HD
    Cr7 HD

    The free kick was to send United into the quarters, not semi's

    • Iftakher Hossain
      Iftakher Hossain

      @Cr7 HD we played west ham before the quarters, when we beat Liverpool that was round of 32

    • Cr7 HD
      Cr7 HD

      @Iftakher Hossain i said send them into the quarters

    • Iftakher Hossain
      Iftakher Hossain

      round of 16* not quarters, we played west ham before leicester

    • Ann Kenny
      Ann Kenny

      Why didn’t they play like this last night I know they can do better cos they have bettered City a few times They are so inconsistent It’s a puzzle to me & all United fans 😣🤯

    • Nopal pernambucano
      Nopal pernambucano


  • isaac

    HAPPY OLE ~~~~

  • Tuan Hung Le
    Tuan Hung Le

    Manchester United 2020/2021 - Season stats: vilinks.info/round/video/nrBks4WSlo6HmHg.html


    The 1st goal here was classic, it did not have part 2👌

  • Aditya Iyer
    Aditya Iyer

    My 2nd favorite player

  • Idah Elizabeth
    Idah Elizabeth

    Omg I just love this guy

  • niraz Rai gurung
    niraz Rai gurung

    He is fully support all teammates.. he things only for win not individually performance.. selfish less nice player.

  • J

    What a crap title. Conflicts between nations "shock the world", not footballers scoring goals. If you tried living in the real world, you might not be "shocked" by minor events and then you wouldn't concoct such ridiculously inept and incorrect video clip titles. Make more videos by all means but try titles that actually apply to the content.

  • Petrus Thabang
    Petrus Thabang

    8 minutes 🔴GGMU

  • Ron

    You suck your finger already ??

  • Jauhari Remi
    Jauhari Remi

    I love this team, them friendly to build the club together

  • Maxamed Faarax
    Maxamed Faarax

    Of course he scored penalties but He is Creative and Smart player his positioning and Awernnes are something Else

  • Rehan Putra
    Rehan Putra

    This entry through the best friend forever young and beautiful you episode

  • Karna lama Tamang
    Karna lama Tamang

    Bruno is now the heart of DEVILS....RED DEVILS FOR ETERNITY NO MATTER WHAT.....

  • Kelvin Saulo
    Kelvin Saulo

    We need to get more signings like him!!!

  • 양상욱

    브루노보다 메브리

  • M16 's
    M16 's

    all thanks to Cristiano Ronaldo, to send and offer him to Manchester United.

  • Aryaman Bhattarai
    Aryaman Bhattarai

    Maybe they hate him because he's too good

  • Surya Cheran
    Surya Cheran

    4:09 Indian Flag🇮🇳

  • lukeyduke

    Ole > tuchel....

  • Aldea Richard
    Aldea Richard

    This guy is good

  • Kendrick William
    Kendrick William

    The free kick was awesome

  • nØ个รy ツbØy
    nØ个รy ツbØy

    Penalty kick,hahaa

  • John Lavvas
    John Lavvas

    The parched den incidentally close because donald directly surprise unlike a wide-eyed handsaw. windy, dramatic dorothy


    to think that this penalty merchant could shock the world , oh shame he only shocks united fans

  • Aymen Yidne
    Aymen Yidne


  • Stevana BAKAMAN
    Stevana BAKAMAN


  • Dev Paul
    Dev Paul

    Flunks in big games! kdb >>

  • Olanya Thomas
    Olanya Thomas

    Bruno Fernandes is world class.

  • Jochen Troconis
    Jochen Troconis

    Can someone tell me the name of the music starting around 1:00?

  • Abison Joshy
    Abison Joshy

    12 th shock : bruno misses a penalty

  • Prayer Obas
    Prayer Obas

    Fernandes to world❤️❤️⭐

  • J O K I
    J O K I

    I was shocked after seeing the thumbnail.🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Freedom Mokoena
    Freedom Mokoena


  • Kemirembe Annet
    Kemirembe Annet

    He is an icon😍

  • Okorefe Alex
    Okorefe Alex

    He's a good play, he came and prove himself the best we wanted him to be


    Does anyone noticed that if bruno doesnt jump before penalty he shoots a blasting penalty

  • Gøtye

    But people still say that he only scores penalties, they forgot that Jorginho scored 7 goals all on penalty this season

    • Ebrima Demba
      Ebrima Demba

      Those people are haters don't mind them anyone who loves football will know Bruno is world class.

  • Samaila Mustapha
    Samaila Mustapha

    Quality professional player

  • TDS_ FusionZ
    TDS_ FusionZ

    Who do y’all think is going to win the champions league Chelsea or Manchester city

  • Rider Provider
    Rider Provider


  • Dr Mamboleo
    Dr Mamboleo

    Man Utd, trash

  • Pavel Skabuls
    Pavel Skabuls

    5:30 instabul🤣



  • Marko Obradovic
    Marko Obradovic

    Magnificent player.


    Where you download sports video

  • Jatin Goverdhan
    Jatin Goverdhan

    the best thing is the team looks lot more happy when playing with Bruno

  • ApplePearls Nature Cures All
    ApplePearls Nature Cures All

    Bruno is simply phenomenal!

  • arixi comps Jr
    arixi comps Jr

    Yey... This is fayaaa bro

  • TzLimit_ Tomato
    TzLimit_ Tomato

    Ok, bruno from Mobile Legend is here

  • Nopal pernambucano
    Nopal pernambucano


  • Nopal pernambucano
    Nopal pernambucano

    OLE OUT !!

  • Nopal pernambucano
    Nopal pernambucano

    OLE OUT !!

  • Nopal pernambucano
    Nopal pernambucano


  • Nopal pernambucano
    Nopal pernambucano


    • Rishvanth

      No poga and bruno

  • Con Hux
    Con Hux

    Bruno I like when you won again

  • Toxic GamR
    Toxic GamR

    can't show 12 tho unless you wanna start showing pens

  • Akaegbobi Adaobi
    Akaegbobi Adaobi

    God bless you Fernandes...Continue making us happy

  • Joshua Babb
    Joshua Babb

    Bruno, bruno, bruno He came from sporting like Cristiano. He goes left he goes right, Making the defenders look sh*te Hes our Portuguese magnifico

  • Gary Spence
    Gary Spence

    Kicking a ball is not shocking the World in anyway....SAD !

  • Paulus 7
    Paulus 7

    He shocks me every single game. world-class player

  • salam 117
    salam 117

    I'm a United fan but this is too much....there is nothing to be shocked in his performance and if anyone is, I think they only watch Man Utd games only

    • salam 117
      salam 117

      @Idir Mods Believe it or not I'm a United fan since 2008....

    • Idir Mods
      Idir Mods

      shut up your not a united fan


    All he does is score penalty’s his nick name pen Andes is not worth calling he isn’t better than man city’s Portuguese Bernardo Silva

  • Dominique Kunzman
    Dominique Kunzman

    The unhealthy overcoat frequently phone because step-daughter ultimately decay regarding a pleasant polish. icy, hot huge holiday

  • duck _
    duck _

    I don't care what anybody says, bruno is better than kdb. Kdb is a fraud, how can you even compare bruno to a fraud like kdb

    • yonis

      Relax ! KDB has been a top 5 midfielder in Europe for nearly 5 years. He's put in man of the match performances against Madrid in the Bernabeu, against Brazil in the World Cup, and in loads of FA cup and EFL cup finals to win trophies. Bruno's career is just getting started, don't compare him to KDB who has been doing this !

    • Lodge


  • Jose perez
    Jose perez

    Bro he’s not even that good know unitedbis just shit . I mean he’s a good player don’t get me wrong but damn the England/ United hype is real

  • 🔰Fergie's Son🔰
    🔰Fergie's Son🔰

    Unpopular opinion, BRUNO has been the most IMPACTFUL signing since Eric Cantona, I stress on d word IMPACTFUL ,he literally got us top 4 last season

  • Patrice Majak
    Patrice Majak

    Shocking the world with penalties 😂

  • Jacob Reddington
    Jacob Reddington

    Funny thing is if he couldn't any of these things he's pretty useless isn't he. Majority of things you have shown that any average player could do. Proves that Bruno is overrated. Change your title to Bruno does average things but let's overrate him.

  • chicken playz
    chicken playz

    This video defines who Bruno Fernandes is

    • Dr Derplington
      Dr Derplington

      he's a set piece/pen merchant

  • anik soekamti
    anik soekamti

    The next iniesta , prof bruno fernandes

  • Alex Douglas
    Alex Douglas

    I’m a united fan and most of these r average. Too early to put together a video of this stature

  • Slaca Rl
    Slaca Rl

    Great vid

  • Hashim Alawi
    Hashim Alawi

    A future super!



  • Byron Hall
    Byron Hall

    Fantastic footballer he is everything to us .. but shocked the world 🤷‍♂️ honestly never has

  • João Meleski
    João Meleski

    1:38 "puta que pariu meu"

  • Avenger Milla
    Avenger Milla

    When he came in the 2019/2020 season we were in 6th then we became 3rd

  • saz19s8

    “hE oNLy SCorEs peNaLTiES” - rival fans

  • kevin kingori
    kevin kingori

    sometimes you are wrong...we cannot be shocked by penalties

  • Virda Usy
    Virda Usy


  • Virda Usy
    Virda Usy

    So amazing

  • Virda Usy
    Virda Usy


  • Virda Usy
    Virda Usy


  • S w E n e K A f
    S w E n e K A f

    I live in this world I am shocked Why ? Bruno Fernandes .

  • Trinitatis Sanctorvm
    Trinitatis Sanctorvm

    let them haters hate, PORTUGAL CARALHO!

  • harsh Gola
    harsh Gola

    A Portuguese and Man Utd player. Sounds good.

  • Sam Sand
    Sam Sand

    I think i am not from this world cause i am not shocked.

  • Rendy Yepe
    Rendy Yepe

    MU have B. Fernandes , Chelsea have Kante, city have d bruyne, liverpool have salah, tottenham have son, and what arsenal have to do something in EPL ?

  • Francis Sunu
    Francis Sunu

    He is genius

  • Joe Turner
    Joe Turner

    I think you need a new definition for "world-class goals". The two against Brighton were not world-class.

  • Devashish Kumar
    Devashish Kumar

    Portugal got its potential for World cup 22

  • Devashish Kumar
    Devashish Kumar

    Man utd is back after a very long time Red Devils 😘

  • Narender Jaat
    Narender Jaat

    This guy improved the standards of man Utd by miles.

  • Naza Niyas
    Naza Niyas

    bruno could be a top 5 stars

  • Sussy Ninja
    Sussy Ninja

    Bruno is bringing United back to life, what a hero

  • Jamie Faulks
    Jamie Faulks

    none of these shocked the world

    • Jamie Faulks
      Jamie Faulks

      @Apdu Noor19 same with 2 goals vs istanbul, no one cared

    • Jamie Faulks
      Jamie Faulks

      @Apdu Noor19 one goal and an assist against southampton didnt shock the world

    • Apdu Noor19
      Apdu Noor19

      Your in a heavy sleep

  • No Need
    No Need

    Glazers out the fu@king tyrants

  • mohd nabil
    mohd nabil

    yet they called him penandes

  • Fudheni Peterus
    Fudheni Peterus

    This guy,He's too much dangerous manh

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