GREENWOOD & CAVANI WIN FOR UNITED | Man United v Burnley | Premier League
Highlights from Burnley's Premier League fixture against Man United.

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  • Osakpolor Igbinedion
    Osakpolor Igbinedion

    Bruno Fernandes keep walking 😁🤦‍♂️

  • yasmoo Aljl
    yasmoo Aljl

    greenwood now is more dangerous player

  • Antonio conte and his lovely little man Mourinho
    Antonio conte and his lovely little man Mourinho

    Where is pope. We could win this match, probably could've keep it equalised if he was the goalkeeper that day💀

  • Muhammad Arsyad
    Muhammad Arsyad

    Burney noob 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

  • CHEW Desmond
    CHEW Desmond

    I think the 1st goal for burnley was onside. It could have totally change the game if it was counted. Nevertheless, gd placement of rashford on the left wing forward position. He's more suited to that kind of area and cuts in diagonally.

  • Max PB
    Max PB


  • Al Fatih
    Al Fatih


  • Fredy Ahmad Gufrony
    Fredy Ahmad Gufrony

    Well done Clarets, respect to the Clarets' team especially the GK

  • DMD

    Fuck the Glazer's


    I looooovveeeee The Clarets!!!!!

  • Leandro Gallagher
    Leandro Gallagher

    Fantastic Amazin English Football, always. I am argentinian, Newcastle fan. But I really like Burnley, too much guts and passion. By the way, why Clarets? What does that mean ? Whats the story morning glory??

  • uzam mohammed
    uzam mohammed

    Bye bye Trafford Reds...!!

  • Jeya Prakash
    Jeya Prakash


  • game ram
    game ram

    Great assist for dvb 💪👌

  • Mansong Mohammed Dambell
    Mansong Mohammed Dambell

    Bruno with that iq

  • Sheldon York
    Sheldon York

    The only reason I watch Burnley highlights is to hear the commentator voice

  • Lukas Pflanzl
    Lukas Pflanzl

    buy a better micro pls

  • eng hock koh
    eng hock koh

    if ole played the flop martial. then result is 0 : 1

  • Rhamon Petrucci
    Rhamon Petrucci

    The last goal was great counter attacking football by man utd

  • Sethabutra Viraseranee
    Sethabutra Viraseranee

    Did I misheard something? The commentator just called Mason Greenwood "Shaw" when he score the 2nd goal. My god

    • Ok

      Hear it again

  • Fabrice Tiku
    Fabrice Tiku

    The bias when Burnley scores is very clear 😆😅😂

    • The Fourth Chairman
      The Fourth Chairman

      this is their channel, it's their supporters who did the commentary please, do the math and stop being a moron

    • Amit Chetri
      Amit Chetri

      its there tv. burnley tv

  • Noah Marczenko
    Noah Marczenko

    watching here to not give Money to the glazers

  • Unown

    Man U will be champions for many years to come

  • opone

    GGMU Somalia

  • Nagisa Yamato
    Nagisa Yamato

    Congrats, Burnley 😂

  • shamsa abdul
    shamsa abdul

    Excellent lose loserney 🤣🤣🤣

    • Linux Jodi
      Linux Jodi

      That's uncalled for u plastic, Burnley put up a good fight..

  • chandra dekeyser
    chandra dekeyser

    Lucky United😤😡💩💩💩

    • Jirayu Vijjakajohn
      Jirayu Vijjakajohn

      @Trumping The Truth As if Burnley is

    • Jirayu Vijjakajohn
      Jirayu Vijjakajohn

      @Trumping The Truth Bold word

    • King Solomon
      King Solomon

      @Trumping The Truth City only 8 points ahead.. Leicester 3rd with 8points behind.. The likes of liverpool and Chelsea fighting for top 4 while 2nd position intact for United 👌.. A couple more signings and we will be contenders next season. Plus cry more

    • Trumping The Truth
      Trumping The Truth

      @King Solomon No need to Cry. Since Fergusson is gone, ManU is no title contender any more :)))

    • King Solomon
      King Solomon

      Cry more

  • Daik mcnair
    Daik mcnair


  • Steve Brady
    Steve Brady


  • Aji eka Putra
    Aji eka Putra


  • lapakos


  • Kenshin Uesugi
    Kenshin Uesugi

    0:47 YAAEHHS!!!!!

  • Baihaqi Firmansyah
    Baihaqi Firmansyah

    Greenwood not Shaw 🤣

  • Mind The Gap
    Mind The Gap

    Ohhhh..yeah it Goal😂😂

  • ArMan cassavani
    ArMan cassavani

    Cavani and greenwood have a chemistry 😍😍😍

  • Ge nys
    Ge nys

    Commentators should be impartial, but that scream after Burnley's goal...they were so happy... Anyway, GG United! Good fight Burnley!

    • Mihail Markov
      Mihail Markov

      @Ge nys It is literally written under the video :D

    • Ge nys
      Ge nys

      @Zero Hero didn't know they have their own channel :)

    • Zero Hero
      Zero Hero

      It's a Burnley page genius, they have their support commentators. Go to United site if you want screams.

    • Victory Enabulele
      Victory Enabulele

      I Tut I was d only 1 who noticed

  • Rainy Night
    Rainy Night

    "It's always bloody Burnley" - A National Hero. Fr tho you guys always put up a good fight gg

  • Yogi Nur Ghozali
    Yogi Nur Ghozali


  • YRA21 Channel
    YRA21 Channel

    Nick pope?

  • Kimagango Brit
    Kimagango Brit

    Cavani was a mile offside

    • Mick Riverside
      Mick Riverside

      it's not offside if the passer and scorer are both in front of the opposition defence

  • Sumaiya Chowdhury
    Sumaiya Chowdhury

    Great dummy from Bruno

  • Sumaiya Chowdhury
    Sumaiya Chowdhury

    Well played MU


    Unbelievable Greenwood 2nd goal. The angles were unfavorable but he squeezed it near post.

    • Andytom hall
      Andytom hall

      @Rabbit TKO it was actually 2 deflections off Taylor and Cork. One deflection is oh well that's life, two deflections are extremely fortunate for United (as if the rich teams need any luck) and ridiculously unlucky for Burnley, especially given it was scored 4 minutes from time. The Clarets deserved a point at least and hopefully their bad luck over the last few games will change to good luck and this injury hit season will be put to bed with Burnley still ensconced in the Premier league where they deserve to be.

    • Rabbit TKO
      Rabbit TKO

      It was clearly a deflection lol

    • Jesse Twum-Boafo
      Jesse Twum-Boafo


  • Subham Choudhury
    Subham Choudhury

    Good for VdB... Needed that assist...


    Burnley losing many games atm

  • rendi aji
    rendi aji

    Respect is The key 👏🏻 nice try burnley

  • Kxng OREL
    Kxng OREL

    Am a Manu fan but u guys is so hard to play against and in fifa 21 never give up 🛸🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲

  • Sharpmanutd

    Keep fighting burnley great team from manutd fan

    • Sushant KC
      Sushant KC

      nah Burnley should get relegated imo


    glory glory manunited...

  • Andytom hall
    Andytom hall

    The Clarets played well some lovely one touch stuff and deserved at a point. Newcastle are getting all the luck and are a bad team. Burnley are a good team and getting none. 3 defeats on the trot 0 points out of 9. They deserved 7 out of 9,now WBA and Fulham can catch them. Where were all the United fans when Alk did a Glaziers took over the best run professional club in the world with absolutely no debts and 50 million pounds in the bank, and plunged them 90 million pounds plus in debt? Little town club punching above its weight for well over a 100 years why should the big clubs and EPL care

    • Andytom hall
      Andytom hall

      @FerdiGriffonPierrot yes we did and you know it.

    • FerdiGriffonPierrot

      You didnt deserve a point at all but youre right about the rest

  • Anjarni subiyakto
    Anjarni subiyakto

    Burnley's first goal wasn't offside

    • KhongGuan

      It was, but so close.

    • Jirayu Vijjakajohn
      Jirayu Vijjakajohn

      It was. Look closely at his feet

  • Viper YT
    Viper YT


  • Muslim Nadia
    Muslim Nadia

    Cavani is a beast

    • Rully Handika
      Rully Handika

      Ia The Best 😘

  • Nyhrox

    The way just Bruno pass the ball to Greenwood without even touching and acted like nothing happened. Whatta player

    • Nem Tombing
      Nem Tombing

      Nice one

    • The Fourth Chairman
      The Fourth Chairman

      I think a dummy should count as an assist

    • Anish Łämgádę
      Anish Łämgádę

      @Kenshin Uesugi you serious? Greenwood shouted for it

    • Kenshin Uesugi
      Kenshin Uesugi

      Bruno has eyes at the back of his head

    • Sabre Cruz
      Sabre Cruz

      @Karanja Kirika Exactly!

  • Scott Tracy
    Scott Tracy

    Wasn't expecting a win today, a point would have been nice. It's getting precarious for us down there, the frustrating thing is, it shouldn't have to be. Two wins will lift us nicely up the table and we'll be safe. Thats three losses in a row now. But I suppose frustration is par for course for Burnley fans.

    • Scott Tracy
      Scott Tracy

      @beatzshuffle Yes, not looking good for Fulham 4 losses and a draw last 5 games. So it seems their confidence is not that high. Having said that, I'll breath a lot easier after our next win. Next is wolves , we should get something there then May 8 we play Fulham a win there and it's all over.

    • I

      @Scott Tracy nice

    • Scott Tracy
      Scott Tracy

      @I I was born there, my first match was in 1982 against QPR. I was there when Burnley got almost relegated from the football league in 1987, where we beat Orient and stayed up. Lots of highs and lots of lows as a fan.

    • I

      @Scott Tracy why can’t you

    • beatzshuffle

      @Scott Tracy I think The relegations teams are already set. Fulham lost the chance when they conceded in the 97th minute and drew.

  • GamEsport Do RST
    GamEsport Do RST

    A cara essa semana foi difícil segunda sequência de 5 anos sem derrotas quebrada.

  • Rachmaninoff Chopin
    Rachmaninoff Chopin


  • Gul Makai
    Gul Makai

    Who is watching as a manutd fan ?😍

    • Michaela Plesky
      Michaela Plesky


    • Chief Denis
      Chief Denis

      @Ezekiel Nduli i did consider it, lol

    • Esaias chua
      Esaias chua


    • Rhamon Petrucci
      Rhamon Petrucci

      Yeah great win bro haha

    • seto sugmas
      seto sugmas

      @Ezekiel Nduli ah yeah dude, well said

  • Prageet9 Chauhan
    Prageet9 Chauhan

    Whose the daddy!! Mark goldbridge 🤣😂

  • Arie Wardhana
    Arie Wardhana

    Hey Tarkowski, please do not celebrate too early against Manchester United..

    • Matt Jenkins
      Matt Jenkins

      @Andytom hall cry

    • Andytom hall
      Andytom hall

      Why not? It took a deflected shot 6 minutes from the end to beat an injury hit Burnley side who deserved at least a draw. I thought Newcastle were the lucky arrogant team and fans, seems like they have competition from the greedy big six rich clubs and their fans.

    • Killua Zoldyck
      Killua Zoldyck


  • Taufiq 7
    Taufiq 7

    Manchester is red

  • Mochammad Saiful Azis
    Mochammad Saiful Azis

    Nice performance

  • Jihan Khaerunissa
    Jihan Khaerunissa

  • Károly Weisz
    Károly Weisz


    • Night Fury
      Night Fury


    • Flirtin Sky
      Flirtin Sky


    • Mauricio Silva
      Mauricio Silva


    • Flirtin Sky
      Flirtin Sky


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