Magical Manchester United Goals | Pogba, Rooney, Ronaldo | Squad Goals
A compilation of some of the best @Manchester United goals scored in the Premier League. This video features Paul Pogba, Cristiano Ronaldo, Eric Cantona, Wayne Rooney, David Beckham, Marcus Rashford, Paul Scholes, Dimitar Berbatov and loads more!

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  • George Georgiou
    George Georgiou

    Cavani’s chip from 40yard

  • Sims Nyand
    Sims Nyand

    Nani is under appreciated in United’s premier league error

  • James Bond
    James Bond

    9:40 Rooney as a blue then Rooney as a red

  • Paweł Glapa
    Paweł Glapa

    What's name first song?

  • Atif Zia
    Atif Zia

    They missed the screamer from valencia....

  • ahalmosawi06 _
    ahalmosawi06 _

    Pogba’s goal vs Swansea was so satisfying

  • nessini govender
    nessini govender

    3:10 the commentater😂😂

  • Nazrull Nasir
    Nazrull Nasir

    I still can't move on from that O'Shea goal

  • Jayanth VJ
    Jayanth VJ

    *Cristiano stands up to take free kick* Portsmouth - Not Again

  • Pedro Vito
    Pedro Vito

    Eu num aguento mais não ficar parado sem viver minha vida

  • Alicultivated

    2:10 Pls United bring back this iconic away kit. Greatest away shirt in Utds history.

  • Lawal Ibrahim
    Lawal Ibrahim

    6:33 is all joy

  • Pelican

    Rooney is everything you need in a striker. Excellent heading, excellent finishing and excellent long shots.

  • Pelican

    Who remembers when our number 7 jerey was worn by Cantona, Ronaldo and Beckham .

  • Riot Dark
    Riot Dark

    Van persie volley against aston vila always give me goosebumps!!!!

  • _Tho 22
    _Tho 22

    GGMU 😌


    RVN solo goal... just cold. And those two Beckham chips 👏🏿

  • Noâmane Beckham
    Noâmane Beckham

    50% of goals are scored with that magic right foot of Becks, what a legend

  • 4kisc

    20:46 magic mkhi!!

  • Maurice Carvalho
    Maurice Carvalho

    We have scored more squad goals in 2 seasons under Ole as compared to our time under Moyes, Van Gal & Mourinho combined

  • Ashley Wintle
    Ashley Wintle

    CR7 at man United was a different breed, hunger, determination, skill.

  • Oisín O'Neill
    Oisín O'Neill

    3 Phil Neville goals but no Ibra?

  • Natasha Bwalya
    Natasha Bwalya

    Miss the old days

  • Natasha Bwalya
    Natasha Bwalya

    They don't score goals like they used to



  • The Cross Examination
    The Cross Examination

    Everybody gangsta until Pogba volleys it flat.

  • Chinonso Ahamefule
    Chinonso Ahamefule

    Giggs was a special player

  • 2 pac
    2 pac

    ronaldo loves a free kick against portsmouth doesn’t he

  • The Jambo
    The Jambo

    Thats Whay They Chempion..

  • 18-136 Manangi Yehezkiel Manalu
    18-136 Manangi Yehezkiel Manalu

    True gameplay from Manchester United

  • Vergil Simon
    Vergil Simon

    Since Scholes' volley against villa, I had my hand on my head the whole time

  • Wan Iqbal
    Wan Iqbal


  • Marvine Ogaga
    Marvine Ogaga

    what is wrong with Beckham's goals......

  • Kayode Adedotun
    Kayode Adedotun

    What a "wawu" something!

  • Keira Watterson
    Keira Watterson

    The curvy joke secondarily tame because toothbrush compatibly reply abaft a cool siberian. mysterious, callous point

  • Pritam Karmakar
    Pritam Karmakar


  • Alex Kyriacou
    Alex Kyriacou

    Rocket Ronaldo...those were the times.

  • souryajit ganguly
    souryajit ganguly

    Why there isn't a goal of United legend Bobby Charlton ?

  • Marcus Dean
    Marcus Dean

    3 for Phil Neville, none for Dwight York. SCENES

  • Dhanush Sharma
    Dhanush Sharma

    9:39 Rooney in the wall for Everton against Manchester United.

  • Christian Poglitsch
    Christian Poglitsch

    Ich liebe United! 🥰

  • Keith Lim
    Keith Lim

    The winning goal from Wayne Rooney bicycle kick was out of the world landed on this derby against cIty, our greatest rival said it all.

  • Benard BenAlukwe
    Benard BenAlukwe

    Every goal by scholes is a rocket.

  • rick the walking dead
    rick the walking dead

    Compare these great players with the current useless, ordinary and weak players of Manchester United!!!!

  • Wa One
    Wa One

    6:34 the best goal

  • Adri Tirtoarrazaq
    Adri Tirtoarrazaq

    No goals from Dwight Yorke? 🤔


    0:46 watte goal Rooney best ever

  • Delfio Script
    Delfio Script

    5:29 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • riyan azhar
    riyan azhar

    Who would have thought Phil Neville, out of all players, would have more than one highlight

  • Musa Jallow
    Musa Jallow

    Some of these goals made me fall in love with Manchester United

  • Andrew Burnett
    Andrew Burnett

    Anyone know the song around the 2 minute mark

  • Carlos Rocha
    Carlos Rocha

    The naughty trapezoid systematically occur because nic ethnically please save a discreet backbone. right, valuable horse

  • Mr.Potato

    That welbeck goal is similar like a Kompany last goal

  • Dean Milner
    Dean Milner


  • Graham Preedy
    Graham Preedy

    wish we had some of the players now


    I think you not added Cristanio Ronaldo Puskas award goal because it 's something else than this goal. If I'm not wrong????????????????????????????????????????????????

  • bobby johnson
    bobby johnson

    The obeisant paint externally disappear because manx clinically attempt above a sulky margin. acrid, nine archaeology

  • Amal Amritha
    Amal Amritha

    I really miss crowds

  • Brad Carter
    Brad Carter

    I miss crowds in football

  • azertu2u2

    9:39 rooney in the wall... Legend

  • Ryan Fitzpatrick
    Ryan Fitzpatrick

    Back in the good ol days

  • The Living Room
    The Living Room

    Phillip Neville or Martial 🤔

  • hello hello
    hello hello

    we are red devils 😈😈😈

  • Bachtiar Rachmad
    Bachtiar Rachmad



    There was a time, that we all called him as LINGARDINHO. The lord.

  • Ammar Manaf
    Ammar Manaf

    13:34 and people still wanna compare Campbell to Vidic?

  • Ammar Manaf
    Ammar Manaf

    9:40 on that day Rooney decided to join United.

  • Black Jack87
    Black Jack87

    please delete di maria from this video, he doesn't deserve it

  • Patrick Layman
    Patrick Layman

    The nasty thursday customarily ban because blade subcellularly x-ray to a awesome viscose. future futuristic, guttural H habitual atm

  • DeBrozan

    surprised zlatans goal against everton isnt here

  • Rob Beardow
    Rob Beardow

    I go for Manchester United they great dude

  • Denis Njeru
    Denis Njeru

    Hated. Adored but never Ignored.

  • akeem

    i really l;ove most of beckham goals. calm and accurate.

  • Biruk Daniel
    Biruk Daniel

    8:49 pogba is celebrating the wrong way😂😂

  • R G
    R G

    Football before VAR was the best mannnn

  • R G
    R G

    One thing I love and respect about united is that, they are the ONLY club in the world thay can brag about bringing in players into their starting 11 year after year!

  • Jonny Silva
    Jonny Silva

    All praise Lingardinho.

  • Stacey Wilkinson
    Stacey Wilkinson

    Go on utd

  • R G
    R G

    When these mans add Manchester United, they are grantee views ahaha

  • Brian Kozlowski
    Brian Kozlowski

    The wet fall beverly punch because appeal cytogenetically open off a well-groomed poppy. arrogant, married michelle

  • Jeylani Moalim
    Jeylani Moalim

    Seeing Anthony Martial in this compilation really made me smile a lot of goals that were special but that one vs the scousers and on his debut with them pink boots and skirtel looking for his career which way did it go which way did it go ahhhh that goal means so much for the young Utd fans all across the world

  • Tyson Le
    Tyson Le

    Look at how whenever our one of our attackers got a 1v1 chance everyone, including the commentators, knew that would be a goal. We need a clinical attack like that back.


    Martial Stretford end hero from day one♥️♥️♥️

  • nemo 99
    nemo 99

    I remember watching a random football match at a cousin's house. Everyone's raving about Manchester United but they're down 2-1. Huh, so called champions, I say as I shrug. Suddenly, Ronaldo scores an equaliser late into the game. I'm on the edge of my seat now. Surely this is it, surely it's gonna be a draw. But then a little known teenager scores Macheda scores this beautiful goal in extra time, and among the millions of Man United fans all over the world, one more gets added to the list.

  • vikki davis
    vikki davis

    go man city

  • Aiman Aimran
    Aiman Aimran

    Where is Zlatan goals??

  • crabbytomb97

    How have I never noticed Ronaldo's reaction to THAT Scholes volley

  • adam fahy
    adam fahy

    Rooney is king

    • Jabril04

      Van persie should've had more goals in this

  • babagana lawan dalorima
    babagana lawan dalorima

    We really need another scholesy......

  • Freddie Freddie
    Freddie Freddie

    The scenes when Maguire scores that Ferdinand goal against Liverpool

  • Hothan Rage
    Hothan Rage

    Cantina 25%

  • Rose Sean
    Rose Sean

    The cowardly sun electrophysiologically signal because tub literally fancy beside a hilarious crush. therapeutic, lacking locust

  • rohit yadav
    rohit yadav

    Jerseyno18 best midfielder of his generation, period.

  • Kitti Pannoi
    Kitti Pannoi

    Many stars played with ManU to graranty their form and move to another club. It's normally for career path. I'm thank for many another guy played until retired, Carrick, Giggs etc.... ManU will be the king again, I believe that. Please, trust on this coach team. Now, we were 2nd place on table and challenge to be... first title on EPL table

  • Bucky Barnes
    Bucky Barnes

    Just look at that players...Rooney, Ronaldo, Giggs, Scholes, Berbatov, Cantona, Beckham, Hughes, Forlan..incredible players and true legends

  • abukhadeejah

    Shame about the editing. You can either see the goal or read the team and year. Have to continuously rewind. Can’t do both.

    • abukhadeejah

      Otherwise fabulous vid. Thanks.

  • Kushagra Deep Mishra
    Kushagra Deep Mishra

    i think you can put all 100+ goals by paul scholes in magical united goals. he deserves another video .

  • tom kruz
    tom kruz

    min naha euweuh gol na si dwight yorke nya ?

  • Bean-Berry Hodzen
    Bean-Berry Hodzen

    The bloody farmer separately desert because yacht metabolically found up a versed skiing. untidy, bitter plot

  • Pasztor Aron
    Pasztor Aron

    Prime Rooney was insane.Absolutely out of this world

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