Novak Djokovic vs Lorenzo Sonego; Rafa Nadal vs Reilly Opelka | Rome 2021 Semi-Final Highlights
Down to the last four in Rome 4 where Rafa Nadal met Reilly Opelka and Novak Djokovic battled Lorenzo Sonego... SUBSCRIBE to our channel for the best ATP tennis videos and tennis highlights:

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    Lorenzo Sonego, great player, great sportsman, great person.

  • T m
    T m

    I dont like how he is watching his coach after every goddamn point. Boy... grow up man

  • Nicolas

    Novak and Rafa ♥️

  • Nicolas

    Novak and Rafa in Roland Garros final soon

  • Nicolas

    Rafa and Novak are the strongers

  • Nicolas

    Djokovic > Sonego

  • Nicolas

    Djokovic is too strong

  • Darryl Duncan
    Darryl Duncan

    Watched Sonego win his first slam match at the Aussie open 3 years ago. Only reason we watched the match was it was hot and we wanted a seat. There were a few spare seats as it was a no name match.

  • Chris Pantazis
    Chris Pantazis

    06:52 ... nope!

  • Ken Hood
    Ken Hood

    Nadal is having a much harder time on clay than in the past. Dropping a lot of sets in these tournaments thus far this year. Novak on hard courts is not as dominant as he was 2 years. Undoubtedly both of these players are losing their grip on their dominance.

  • MEC4LIFE Smiley
    MEC4LIFE Smiley

    Those two aren't concerned with covid-19. Hugging? Same with fans. It's ok to take mask down and stand next each other when your man is winning? Come on sheeple! Too funny.

  • el señor de los destellos
    el señor de los destellos

    Que jugador de mierda opelka, solo tiene servicio. lo que hace no es tenis, imagínense si todos los jugadores del circuito jugarán como el. Desaparecería el tenis. Habría que prohibir este estilo de juego, hace aborrecible a este hermoso deporte.

  • Sompong Hope
    Sompong Hope

    Nice to see players are allowed to touch each other?

  • Rere Aef
    Rere Aef

    The wholesale tree totally slap because storm curiosly confuse of a mighty patio. ceaseless, complex blood

  • Islam4europeans

    Sonego reads Novak's drop shots so well. Future GS winner.

  • Rastko Manasic
    Rastko Manasic

    I love Djokovic embrace Sonego

  • willkittwk

    Rafas dressed in gay colors....again?

  • Moorish Brooklyn
    Moorish Brooklyn

    Unbelievable and fantastic match between Djokovic and Sonego.

  • Gian Falco
    Gian Falco

    SONEGO " ... per vincere domani.... " 💚🤍💘

  • drtash21

    Sonego: *hits ball* 20 seconds later Sonego: AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!

  • CaRL DJuSTIceD
    CaRL DJuSTIceD

    Opelka is john isner after shaving 😂😂😂

  • Alex Alex
    Alex Alex nueva marca de opel en vehiculos de gama media

  • Mazi Thoughts
    Mazi Thoughts

    Look at the the thumbnail the guy looks 50 and still winning

  • nir S
    nir S

    the gods collide again the legends of the tennis sport will be an amazing final

  • Fig Watkins
    Fig Watkins

    Sonego is clearly an entertaining crowd pleaser (albeit he was in front of a home crowd) and tennis needs that going forward.

  • DroneCentral

    though this is the finals

  • Dex T
    Dex T

    7:16...Nadal is ALL the way back there by the line judge. And still returns a winner!!

  • Amaldo Mohan
    Amaldo Mohan


  • Benjamin S
    Benjamin S

    Slavs beating Italians on there OWN turf was the best highlight of my day. LONG LIVE SERBIA

  • Vivek R
    Vivek R

    PS: you can easily trick elephant and save yourself

  • Vivek R
    Vivek R

    Sonego is kind

  • N P
    N P

    Grunting should not be allowed at all. It takes out completely the pleasure in watching tennis.

  • Rehab Ibr.
    Rehab Ibr.

    #GazaUnderAttack #savesheikhjarrah #palstineUnderAttack

  • Roberto Bob
    Roberto Bob

    Caro Lorenzo, anche se hai perso, ti dirò che è molto più bello ed interessante vedere giocare te a tennis, piuttosto che il robottino che non rischia quasi mai e vive degli errori altrui.

  • Adrian Bembenek
    Adrian Bembenek

    djokovic widać że nie lubiany w Rzymie😉😉😉

  • Ahmad Syahmi
    Ahmad Syahmi

    Sonego is great. But he will end up just like other young player (Theim, Nick, etc) Highlights and then gone. Djoko Nad Fed is always GOAT.

  • Mimmo Sieni
    Mimmo Sieni

    As far as I knew the Ka was a Ford, not an Opel

  • Mimmo Sieni
    Mimmo Sieni

    As far as I Knew, the Ka was a Ford, not an Opel

  • Eric Faulk
    Eric Faulk

    Who the hell is Sonego looking at after every point he wins?

  • Sep Skifahrer
    Sep Skifahrer

    they still got it. crazy....

  • Richard's World
    Richard's World

    Most people don't realize Lorenzo beat Novak last year 6-2, 6-1 in Vienna.

    • Richard's World
      Richard's World

      @Jacques Fontaine Novak does not enter a tournament not trying to win. We know that. Unless he had some sort of injury. Novak tries to win everything almost as much as Rafa.

    • Jacques Fontaine
      Jacques Fontaine

      Novak had entered that tournament with just one goal in mind : to secure his year-end no. 1 spot. All he had to do was to win 1 match, which he did. So when he met Sonego the day after, his goal had been reached and he couldn't care any less about losing against Sonego. He obviously deliberately lost so as to not waste energy and risk an injury to no avail. So it does not count.

  • Lucasurd

    Et la photo de sa chaîne c’est le skin galaxie Fortnite

  • John W Hogan
    John W Hogan

    Nice to see Reilly Opelka have a really good tournament, I’m still taking the John Isner serve over his though!

  • Jacques Fontaine
    Jacques Fontaine

    If Tsitsipas had Rafa's and Novak's killer instinct, he probably would have won yesterday and in Barcelona too. Tenniswise, he can compete with them. He just has to get mentally tougher.

  • Jason Broady
    Jason Broady

    I could tell this is just a win win situation for Nole stans. As a neutral due the schedule if Nadal wins the final they will say it's cuz of the exhausting matches on the same day for Novak but if Novak wins they hail their supreme leader and say Goat Novak , such big mentality , never give up Novak. Right now everything seems to be in Nadal's favour but we'll see.

  • Servicios Webmedia
    Servicios Webmedia

    serve and volley against rafa in clay is not a good idea

  • Nenad Puhaca
    Nenad Puhaca

    Novak uzeo si mi na kladionici , 91.000 dinara kao i zdravlje, drugi set je u pitanju bio imao si 4 ili 5 meč lopti, vrati mi 91.000 dinara. Puhača Nenad , adresa: Njegoševa .br. 78. 22320 Inđija- Srbija. Preko western unona mi pošaljite novac , nije fer , molim vas😢

  • Fish and chips
    Fish and chips

    So predictable we both know it will be the old guards in the final again.

  • MandE MrEmil
    MandE MrEmil

    Djovk isn't a good person

  • Al Wallace
    Al Wallace

    Djokovic is a beast, but his overhead smashes and drop shots are the worst of the ATP top 10.

  • Non Stop Tennis
    Non Stop Tennis

    Nole was outstanding under pressure. But sonego had a busier day. Novak played 5 sets while Sonego played 6 sets. Both were tired.

  • Marcus Lager
    Marcus Lager

    Sonego should be banned from tennis because of his fucking grunting and screaming. Poor sportsmanship, this guy has. Hope his career tanks.


    *Unfit Sonego*

  • Selcuk Cilek
    Selcuk Cilek

    Time is flying like a river. Nadal is almost bald on top his head. Djokovic was once faster. Federer in my opinion will never be back on that level again. The youth is coming.

  • Ernesto Golosino
    Ernesto Golosino

    If only there was no interruption, Tsitsipas could have crushed Djoko

  • Maurício Sullivan
    Maurício Sullivan


  • Rune Thys
    Rune Thys

    Moie wedstrijd

  • Paul Adrien CUNY
    Paul Adrien CUNY

    I think Sonego has talent but Gus grunt should not be even legal, he does it when the his opponent starts hitting the ball

  • Milan Z
    Milan Z

    The Italian crowd demonstrated how you can cheer for a player enthusiastically and simultaneously NOT to disrespect the opponent player. Those fedtards from Wimbledon and New York could watch and learn.

  • vendas online
    vendas online

    djokovic nothing good, nadal will smash him easily

  • Adrian Negulescu
    Adrian Negulescu

    Sonego has a great future. He has a lot of potential. But he is still young, he takes wrong decisions in critical moments like to many bad drop shots against someone like Djokovic. And he also seemed to be out of stamina in the 3rd set.

  • Zahra Nazar
    Zahra Nazar

    Nole was on fire 🔥

  • Mohammad Darkazanly
    Mohammad Darkazanly

    Sonego is so annoying when he keep screaming😐

  • Ðj John
    Ðj John

    Djokovic looks better with his strokes play so I think joker will win in straight sets

  • Emilda Antido
    Emilda Antido

    I hope Rafa will win in the final

  • John Smith
    John Smith

    There should be some rule for the grunting, Sonego's is farcical

  • Konstantin Schmidt
    Konstantin Schmidt

    Дают бой молодые игроки. Sonego on 🔥 fire!

  • Daniel Hernandez
    Daniel Hernandez

    I hate that music from the beginning. Good video

  • Sale

    Bravo Đole

  • супермен

    Джоко поигрался прикольно

  • Din Djarin
    Din Djarin

    Why the fuck is he shouting half an hour after hitting the ball?

  • Din Djarin
    Din Djarin

    Io mi chiedo perché cazzo uno dovrebbe urlare mezz'ora dopo aver colpito la palla.. ridicolo

  • Arch Stanton
    Arch Stanton

    I think nobody likes the grunting of Sonego, but he's a great figther. It's fun to watch him play and at the end he also showed good sportmanship with the hug and smile to Novak !

  • Nikhil John
    Nikhil John

    Please provide highlights just for the second set of the Djokovic vs. Sonego match

  • sudeep sengupta
    sudeep sengupta

    Call for the final... Who will win?

  • Don Julio
    Don Julio

    Prediction: Djokovic beats Nadal, 6-4 6-4, fast forward to French Open, Nadal doesn’t drop a set whole tournament. Chess baby chess! Nadal wins French again

  • Rastko Manasic
    Rastko Manasic

    Revenge for Djokovic, after losing to Lorenzo Sonego in Vienna, in October last year

  • JM Tennis - Online Tennis Training Programs
    JM Tennis - Online Tennis Training Programs

    Sonego is next big thing for sure! what a game and movement he has! Anybody who takes a set off Nole knows how difficult is it to do so!!! 🙏🏻 respect only!

  • JM Tennis - Online Tennis Training Programs
    JM Tennis - Online Tennis Training Programs

    Tough to beat Giocovic!! 🎾🙏🏻😂

  • Hans Rindswurst
    Hans Rindswurst


  • Luca Martin
    Luca Martin

    SONE-GOOO!! You are Amazing!!

  • HnL Dastoor
    HnL Dastoor

    Djokovic , needs to be more aggressive , looks like he is waiting for his opponents to make mistakes. Also does not seem to have deep angled cross court plays like in 2011. He needs more confidence in his shots

  • WouterZtube

    Glad to see people wear their chin masks properly 🤦‍♂️

  • wmfwarx

    Opelka's not a fighter He's also not a volley specialist but keep doing serve and volley

  • Walkman007

    Nadal vs Opelka reminded me of Archilles vs Boagrius in Troy

  • 周彥均 Stephen
    周彥均 Stephen

    Wear your mask correctly pls

  • DudeGT

    Sonegos smile, even he lost! thats pure class! my italian brothers, you have a bright future in tennis 🇮🇹🇷🇸🇮🇹🇷🇸🇮🇹🇷🇸🇮🇹

    • Aleksandar Mitic
      Aleksandar Mitic

      Bas smo braca u picku materinu. Nek se nose u tri lepe.

  • Азамат Ашикбаев
    Азамат Ашикбаев

    Hope Sonego retires from tennis, his grunt makes impossible to watch tennis

  • Matthe van Daalen
    Matthe van Daalen

    The big 3 guys are still at the top

    • adaobie

      Big 2

  • Adnan Bouzenzana
    Adnan Bouzenzana

    Another djokodal 👍

  • Stats Guy
    Stats Guy

    Ready for another bagel Djoko? 😂

  • schlafin

    For a second I thought my hippie friend wes joined the circuit.

  • historian111z

    i didnt know ibrahimovic plays tennis too....

  • Sneh Yadav
    Sneh Yadav

    Nadal.will beat djokovic in final .😊

  • Venkatesh Naidu
    Venkatesh Naidu

    Sonego saving those break points and taking away the second set was quite sensational..

  • objectivity gate
    objectivity gate

    Wow I see djokovic looking so passionate about his shots and his footwork so fast . This match was a beauty to watch I bet. Sonego with an awesome style of play!

  • vultur311

    Karate kid was impressive here...

  • jorge nahmanovici
    jorge nahmanovici

    Otra vez Nole, geniooooooo, pero Nadal es el número 1!

  • Adam Blister
    Adam Blister

    Had no idea Ralph Macchio was such a great tennis player

  • Arun Narzary
    Arun Narzary

    What a boring player Opelka is. No variety at all. What was he thinking? That serve and volley would do the job against Nadal.

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