Promising Youngsters At Manchester United Academy | Manchester United Wonderkids 2021 [PART 01]
Manchester United Once known as one of the best academies in England, Manchester United are producing world class talents in the World.
Manchester United have always produced the best youngsters in the world. Whether they buy them or nurture them.

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Facundo Pellistri
Álvaro Fernández
Teden Mengi
Noam Emeran
Harvey Neville
Martin svidersky
Charlie Savage
Dermot Mee
Dean Henderson
Hannibal Mejbri
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  • Osimokha Izuagbe
    Osimokha Izuagbe

    Shoretire gives me lingard vibes...

  • News week
    News week

    Zidane iraqi 🌴🇮🇶❤️❤️

  • بدر بدر
    بدر بدر


  • Jeff Marron
    Jeff Marron

    All of their talents will be wasted at man utd


    All of them will be a huge benefit to the team. I see great talent already. Of course they’re humble and are willing to improve so they can be winners as much as possible. GO MANCHESTER UNITED!

  • Ali Mohamed
    Ali Mohamed

    Neville is really good but unfortunately he left the club to join his father, Phil Neville, at Inter Miami in MLS.

  • Dep Dal
    Dep Dal

    Real madrid academy has a lot of great talents in all ages do video about it i want everyone to see,i can help u with the names,bronu iglasias,nakai,isreal salazar,adam arvelo,Julen Jon Guerrero,Manuel Ángel,Marc Cucalón,de la vibora,Lucas Alcázar

  • Bach Amine
    Bach Amine

    Hanibaal mejberi??

  • Jackson Gilbert
    Jackson Gilbert

    Benchmarked: Cristiano Ronaldo.

  • Digger Gardi
    Digger Gardi

    These kids are the future of Man United and always will be.

  • Idham Sharifuddin
    Idham Sharifuddin

    aneson gib looks promising

  • Edikan Ubak
    Edikan Ubak

    I'm surprised McCann isn't mentioned in this video tho'

  • Pelican

    Can't wait to see Amad, Shola, Hannibal and elanga next season

  • vassilyon asm
    vassilyon asm

    Hannibal and dialo should be in on top of this list they have great control of ball good vision and skillful technical

  • Bintang Marhaendra
    Bintang Marhaendra

    Isak Hansen-Aarøen kinda simillar to grealish

  • rurysaurus

    Hansen and Iqbal is 🔥

  • mstrkln pwp
    mstrkln pwp


  • Mohamed Shahazad
    Mohamed Shahazad

    Most will be good players but i think only half will play for the 1st team as the standards required in utd are very high. But when u have mcfred in the midfield, anything is possible.

    • L. Sibisi
      L. Sibisi

      Half? Maybe 3 max. We have a young first team and we keep buying players. We should have a system like Chelsea where we have 30 players on loan just incase they become good like mount, Abraham and zouma.

  • Nikola Šišević
    Nikola Šišević

    Promising Youngsters At Manchester United Academy...Who Will Probably Leave For A Chance To Play For Starting XI And Be Brought Back 5 Years Later For 60mil Pounds. This is the real title for this video.

    • JA Adji
      JA Adji

      They all have a great talent, but they aren't ready for the highest level competition, especially their mentality and attitude. To be play regular in Man United first team, great talent only isn't enough. Players must have strong mentality and great attitude. Most of Man United fans are easly going to be crazy and savage in social media when the team get a few bad results. Not only that, journalists and pundits also do the same. Imagine, 17, 18, 19, 20 old years boy are urged to face a bullying from the old man that called themself fans, journalists and pundits, just because they play bad in one or two matches, it's not good for their health mentality and could kill their talent. That's why Ole very angry when England national team failed to protect his young boy Greenwood from controversy at Finland a few times ago

  • A J
    A J

    igbal zidane, that name alone already makes him a talent.

  • Eliezer Warshong
    Eliezer Warshong

    Brandon Williams is shit why is he in the thumbnail 😂😂

  • David Atuma
    David Atuma

    Ethan Galbraith is one I’m really looking out for. Gives me this modric vibes

  • Arya Eka Wibowo
    Arya Eka Wibowo


  • hamad al jamal
    hamad al jamal

    Emeran is the next Wilfried Zaha he is Lean and fast a great dribbler who can shoot

  • مهدي العتيبي
    مهدي العتيبي

    كل توفيق ألك يازيدان أقبال 🇮🇶🇮🇶🇮🇶🇮🇶💚💚💙

  • مهدي العتيبي
    مهدي العتيبي


  • مهدي العتيبي
    مهدي العتيبي


  • مهدي العتيبي
    مهدي العتيبي


  • مهدي العتيبي
    مهدي العتيبي


  • مهدي العتيبي
    مهدي العتيبي

    بطل أبن العراق 🇮🇶🇮🇶🇮🇶🇮🇶🇮🇶🇮🇶

  • حسين ديوانيه
    حسين ديوانيه

    اكو عراقي هنا حسين الابرهيمي مره من هنا

    • Marko /ماركو
      Marko /ماركو


  • Andrew Kivua
    Andrew Kivua


  • England UK
    England UK

    How high up in the Premier league under 23 league is this formidable team? are they top? if not who is?

  • Prynz Dré
    Prynz Dré

    My biggest wish to be part of this great team

    • Ukiyo Presents:
      Ukiyo Presents:

      Fan support is what drives football so technically you're already part of this team

  • Lee Emery
    Lee Emery

    If ole ever wanted to do a fergie here are the lads to do it with , unfortunately these will all end up sold just like past great youth players

    • Mathias Bones
      Mathias Bones

      @JA Adji fair point

    • JA Adji
      JA Adji

      @Mathias Bones Pogba has had leave Man United because his agent scumbag. Fergie wanted him to stay, but his agent asked unreasonable salary for young player like him from Man United. It was a different case from what we were talking. We talked about young player that leaved Man United because they didn't have enough time to play from manager, didn't talk about young player who leaved because his agent thought he deserved to squeeze club's money

    • Mathias Bones
      Mathias Bones

      @JA Adji dont know if you can count him, but Paul Pogba.

    • JA Adji
      JA Adji

      Can you mention Man United youth players from the last decade who were sold and released by club and, are being chased by European big clubs today. What i know, most of them play at Championship level club. It means they were sold and released because actually they aren't good enough to play in highest level competition

  • 티카

    Where is marc jurardo?

  • Kevin

    who is the best?

    • Yousof MT
      Yousof MT


  • Poovarasu Vadivel
    Poovarasu Vadivel

    I don't know whether shola is a LW he doesn't have a position locked onto him yet . Will be interesting to see where he chooses to play.Other than that Iqbal mengi pellistri Galbraith Hansen has great chance of making United first team

  • Jac Denn
    Jac Denn

    Future seems to be bright for United. I mean so many talents. Let's see who all can make progress continuously and be a world class player for the senior team. ❤️

  • Zahir Abbas Mogul
    Zahir Abbas Mogul

    Where is joe hugill abd Charli mc Neil

  • النزير حامد
    النزير حامد

    Dear, how to join the academy now I am in the city of Manchester, new hungry here a Sudanese refugee age 018 I want to join the academy

    • النزير حامد
      النزير حامد

      I hope you will return to me 18 years old

  • Hassan Javed
    Hassan Javed

    that left back fernandez looks strong and quick...think he can become a top CB

    • callum grennan
      callum grennan

      Hes a lb for a reason its not fifa you can just put people wherever you want and it'll work out lol

    • Abraham Chinye
      Abraham Chinye

      I think he can easily a top CDM.

    • t!sz-

      Ramos regen

  • karim bouazaoui
    karim bouazaoui

    Shola is so over rated

    • L. Sibisi
      L. Sibisi

      He's only 17 and no really talk about him except united fans that watch the youth team. Xavi Simmons was overrated when he was at Barcelona cause everyone was talking about him since he was 12

    • Cruzrw11


  • MCI JK
    MCI JK

    Make this video also for Chelsea 🙏

  • Abraham Chinye
    Abraham Chinye

    Emeran, Iqbal, Elanga

  • isabirye aaron
    isabirye aaron

    Hansen is One To watch

  • Mohamed Jalloh
    Mohamed Jalloh

    Zidane iqbal really plays like Zinedine Zidane play slow no rush football but quick on the ball. Like carefree football

  • Man United
    Man United


  • Man United
    Man United


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