The Feud - Jose Mourinho vs Pep Guardiola ● Football's Greatest Moments | Exclusive Documentary 2021
It's a managerial rivalry that's encapsulated the very best and worst of the modern game. A frequent duel between the two of the sport's brightest minds, Pep Guardiola vs Jose Mourinho is a sideline bout like no other. It's a rivalry that's spanned three countries, decided however many pieces of silverware and sparked some of the most intriguing tactical innovations. The fact the two masterminds are considered to be on opposing ends of the philosophical spectrum makes their clashes all the more enthralling. If you enjoyed this video make sure you like, comment, share \u0026 subscribe for more amazing content :)

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  • Azam Abdallah
    Azam Abdallah

    It's a managerial rivalry that's encapsulated the very best and worst of the modern game. A frequent duel between the two of the sport's brightest minds, Pep Guardiola vs Jose Mourinho is a sideline bout like no other. Be sure to smash the like button and subscribe for more dope videos!​

    • Manan Raichura
      Manan Raichura

      maybe make it with some Madrid players of the time, great effort though but only hearing pique and kompany is one side of the story...

    • Joe Sifa
      Joe Sifa

      And then Spurs deprived us of a chance to see them face off in another final. All because people were memeing them for Super League

    • Rai Joel
      Rai Joel

      Why do you put your fclig name(Azam Abdullahha) I can’t read the subtitles. Why don’t you fcking put name on top or somewhere in the screen. You try to read subtitles in this video you mad man I am completely disappointed.

    • Shashank Chauhan
      Shashank Chauhan

      Brother awesome work done ✅

    • Leo D'Arcy
      Leo D'Arcy

      @Libby Coulter legend

  • Talak Babu
    Talak Babu

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  • pr7ish

    mourinho vs guardiola was really the box office

  • Jennifer Grootmeijer
    Jennifer Grootmeijer

    Guardiola didnt creqte annything...the team was allready there... he even mad a mess with Yaya toure and Zlatan and dont forget Eto'o.... Mourino is the best

  • Ishan Chaturvedi
    Ishan Chaturvedi

    I'm so glad Mourinho's career is falling apart while Pep's glory only continues. Good always wins

  • Ishan Chaturvedi
    Ishan Chaturvedi

    Jose Mourinho really reminds me of those medieval courtsmen that would use all shrewd means to grab power

  • Audio Heart
    Audio Heart

    The football world will always need a Jose

  • Lets Serebotseng
    Lets Serebotseng

    Cheque book managers 🙄😏😒

  • Pure Proxies
    Pure Proxies

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  • methodius uwizera
    methodius uwizera

    Can you imagine my shock when Barcelona's play-acting in the 2010-12 clasicos and the whole 2011/12 season were swept under the rug as passing mentions? Right. None. Such bias!

  • jim krok
    jim krok

    A small correction......Mourinho was not a translator.He was An opposition analyst and a coach.He helped translating by choise not by obligation.

  • Top FivePercent
    Top FivePercent

    This shld have been way better than it was...unfortunately Mourinho didn’t have the fire power in his team - he just didn’t have the players to compete with Man City...


    Imagine being in a position to be able to drop a player whenever you want and let some other world class expensive player play to get your message across. Pep the spoilt one!

  • Diogo

    barcelona was always helped by the refs..

  • Simeon Dias
    Simeon Dias

    The biggest winners in all of this was the media surrounding it.

  • Patrick Gorman
    Patrick Gorman

    The constant pop up reminding me to like and subscribe was so annoying it guaranteed that I would never like or subscribe the video

  • Pedro Rodrigues
    Pedro Rodrigues

    1 M millions after Man City spending under Pep Guardiola, result = 0 CHAMPIONS!.

    • Pedro Rodrigues
      Pedro Rodrigues

      @Hari Prasath so resume Man City have always bad luck in Europe, so is not a managed problem perhaps a wichcraf problem. :)

    • Hari Prasath
      Hari Prasath

      @Pedro Rodrigues To win the cl, one needs to be lucky, it's a one match tie, anything can happen. Getting to the final shld be the target, Chelsea spend 220 mil+ in a single transfer window, they played well n got lucky, but what happened to them in pl? What happened to all the other clubs spending 1B n not winning anything?

    • Pedro Rodrigues
      Pedro Rodrigues

      @Hari Prasath no stupid business by the owner of the club, bad business if I spend 1M millions only to win premier leagues, with much less a team can get it, so the logic is spend that money to win also Champions leagues and I must say that Man City best team in UK right now, but in Europe are the eternal second behind clubs that spend a 1/4 of the bugged Man City.

    • Hari Prasath
      Hari Prasath

      @Pedro Rodrigues so they don't want him to win the pl? Wtf? Stupid logic!

    • Pedro Rodrigues
      Pedro Rodrigues

      @Hari Prasath they pay him to win a champion league.

  • Yas Koba
    Yas Koba

    Tuchel 2021: Try hard guys.

  • Harris Khan
    Harris Khan

    Even In This Documentary Pique Is Complaining About The Referees 🤣😜 Always Crying

  • sam hanna
    sam hanna

    Peps clear

  • Blood0cean

    I'd rather hear a kit guys opinion than a girl football player....

  • les frères poulets Kettani
    les frères poulets Kettani

    Pique is such a jerk there were decisions against us he said when he loses he always makes up excuses

  • K-LIL

    Roberto Di Matteo is better than them both

  • John Bradley
    John Bradley

    And just look at the 2 teams today. Having to sell there best players to get by. Also both riddled with debt. But Mourinho makes a club toxic by making players believe it's them against world.

  • Jayant Yadav
    Jayant Yadav

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  • Parth Dickson
    Parth Dickson

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  • The last Cliffhanger
    The last Cliffhanger

    If jose was a bit more chosey with the clubs he went to things would've been different! Pep only moved to the clubs that wouldnt need much rebuilt and still ended up spending million where Jose never got the same support from his club be it united or Chelsea!

    • Jm Ellar
      Jm Ellar

      I think Mourinho would not want that style either. He wants the "We won because I changed the club, not because they are already good before I came". It would be a much more rewarding victory for him. Not a knock on Pepe since he make good teams even better but Jose is special since every club he touches, no matter how bad, will become champions (as long as we don't count the current down years he is having)

  • Leigha Mastrocola
    Leigha Mastrocola

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  • Maciej Brodecki
    Maciej Brodecki

    People say that Guardiola is now on top and Mourinho is not considered bad coach. I wouldn't agree with this. Guardiola got over 1 bln euro pumped into City and he can't win Champions League. Even in PL he gets his titles because of wide bench and being able to rotate his players a lot. Who else buys so many players. Man City has 3 players for each position. Today's final proved that Guardiola is good but for winning league. In Barcelona he had the best generation of players ever but in Bayern he was not able to win CL that was the main goal. A year before they did and 2-3 years after he left they did again. Man City with such budget still can't do it even though they spent the most money on players in Europe. Mourinho on the other hand can't connect with his team as much as he did in Inter or Real Madrid. Back then they followed him no matter what nowadays youngsters don't trust him as much. He lost Chelsea because players stopped believe in him and in Man U he lost players because of conflict with Pogba. He has to adapt to current football as his methods are a bit outdated. Guardiola on the other hand was always overrated in my opinion.

  • shakir smith
    shakir smith

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  • Ankush Banerjee
    Ankush Banerjee


  • Sam ElGebeily
    Sam ElGebeily

    Except now Pep keeps winning and Mourinho keeps getting sacked.

  • AaYush. D
    AaYush. D

    mourinho is absolutely is an architect, like with chelsea the team he built in 2005 that won cl 2012 , they still respect him and everyone say chelsea's team was of mourinhooo that won cl . he was just not on the checkline thats it. while real were on downfall after barca 2009 success (they didnt deserve the cl thobiggest robberry in history of cl semis barca vs chelsea, stamford bridge), he build them in 2011 and they must and some already should thanks him for 2014 and the continuous 2016,2017,2018 triumphhh . pep always got a self built teammm. like puyol xavi iniesta messi alves in barca, core of ribery robben lahm neuer and now finally oil money at man city . while mourinho broke the ac milan dominance that started after 2006 with domestic as well as european titles to and end in 2010 classic inter milan trebble RESPECTTTTT "THE SPECIAL ONE" throwin milk bought in exchange of oil you loosers.

  • AaYush. D
    AaYush. D

    watch from 15th minute then watch on till 18:20 my goddd the best part of videoooo. mourinhooo

  • AaYush. D
    AaYush. D

    I can't imagine a greater manager coach than Jose mourinho

  • Aaron Rawago
    Aaron Rawago

    Mourinho Coached Us, we hope he picks himself up once again at Roma where the pressure is less. Meanwhile, What to do about Man Utd? Guardiola is like Fergie when Liverpool were dominant back in the day.

    • LDK447

      Well, that’s a tough comparison. Guardiola had all the money and players at his disposal at City, to play however he wanted with players who could probably win leagues by themselves. Fergie had to take years to develop talents and use them, only signing players when they had to (at the start).

  • Aaron Rawago
    Aaron Rawago

    Mourinho lying through his teeth: 36:23

  • norbhu tshering
    norbhu tshering

    Still I believe Jose could do better in future. It's just luck sometimes. And Jose is in his bad recently

  • Moachuchang Kichu
    Moachuchang Kichu

    Pep can't do what Mourinho did in Madrid and Manchester United. Money monger and cameraman

  • music lyric
    music lyric

    Morinho came to madrid as a champion and left as an old man

  • Faith Sampson
    Faith Sampson

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  • Adriano Macedo
    Adriano Macedo

    Imagine a Uefa Champions League final in the time of Mourinho vs Guardiola, Ronaldo vs Messi, Real Madrid vs Barcelona, just imagine..., and it was so close to happen in so many times. Maybe it would have been the greatest match of all time.

  • Aman Ali
    Aman Ali

    Pep is world-class...but MOURINHO is on another level❤️❤️❤️

  • Antonio Fernandes
    Antonio Fernandes

    Very good documentery

  • swyl yqz
    swyl yqz

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  • Viraj Bhimani
    Viraj Bhimani

    18:21 That entry of Jose with the music, man!!!


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  • Nitheesh Reghunathan
    Nitheesh Reghunathan

    Guardiola > Mourinho

  • Collins Kessy
    Collins Kessy

    I believe Mourinho will rise again in roma he just needs to build up and will stop inter millan


    To be frank I never wanted to watch this video cause it kept appearing.. I said let me watch nd goodness this video is fire🙌🙌🙌💯💯💯

  • Stylish Ray
    Stylish Ray

    Many many fake sites within the comment section. Only that works for me is Spremify.

  • El D. Osiri
    El D. Osiri

    Jose is just the football version of trump...the only difference is, at least he knows what he's doing.. the other qualities, they are pretty much alike. Once they don't get their way, they become conspiratorial.. like "there are people in power that want to make you lose"

  • Jim Herstein
    Jim Herstein

    Man this is NUTS.

  • Cooking Parker
    Cooking Parker

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    alan zhao

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  • Alirjon Mehmeti
    Alirjon Mehmeti

    As an Inter fan I love Jose but with passing of time my respect for Pep increases

  • TheModer8ter

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  • Samuel Safaei
    Samuel Safaei

    Everyone knows sir Alex Ferguson is the goat 13 prem titles

  • Santa Mazzeo
    Santa Mazzeo

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  • Kazer

    Why did you have to put your name over the subtitles my friend

  • mohamed shawki
    mohamed shawki

    Music ?? Plz

  • Olti Hajdaraj
    Olti Hajdaraj

    ahh uefalona

  • shantanu jaipur
    shantanu jaipur

    In 2011 _13 real was on top and mourinho is gud manager

  • luke j
    luke j

    Pep bias


    Pep has won 3. Now Jose can’t say he’s has more 😂

    • Luis Caetano
      Luis Caetano

      @XAVIER SUASTE Pep was won 32 titles while Mourinho has won 25, so I am still confused.


      @Luis Caetano titles ?

    • Luis Caetano
      Luis Caetano

      3 what?

  • Seetsa Molapo
    Seetsa Molapo

    Man Maniche has gotten fat 😂 doesn't look like him at all

  • Danu Arzani
    Danu Arzani

    The Barcelona vs Madrid Pep Guardiola vs Mourinho Messi vs Ronaldo The greatest game we ever seen The heat Mourinho brought into the El Classico was something 🔥🔥🔥

  • Mollysa Connorss
    Mollysa Connorss

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    • israr mazhar
      israr mazhar

      The fuck ?

  • Jerrod Tham
    Jerrod Tham

    They both best friend outside football. Mou and Pep best friend

  • Gauri Shankar H
    Gauri Shankar H

    Never seen a football documentary like this.

  • BingPotVibes

    I remember Chris Sutton as a Blackburn player not Chelsea.

  • Brandon Won g
    Brandon Won g

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  • edis veličanin
    edis veličanin

    Totenham and roma are joses level now. The big guys dont want him anymore. Everyone is tired of him. He keeps repeating the same loop. Makes more money by being sacked than doing the actual job. His obsession with pep killed his career

    • LDK447

      Tottenham had a problem of not backing their managers no matter how brilliant they were. They didn’t back Pochettino despite the amazing job he did, and didn’t back Jose despite leading them to the top of league for a while, and also sacking him before a final, which Tottenham barely ever reaches. It’s true Jose’s style no longer suits the Premier League. He is old school and needs real men and warriors who are willing to fight for the team, like the old Chelsea, Porto and Inter. The top teams in EPL are full of divas and would much rather a Pep (though Pep needs all the backing and finances in the world to succeed). However, Jose returning to Italy may be a good move, as it may be the last surviving league of old school football. Jose never needed ridiculous amounts of money or fancy tactics. With motivated average-skilled players, he can beat anybody including Pep.

    • The last Cliffhanger
      The last Cliffhanger

      You're an idiot! He is a better manager than pep but has been unlucky as the boards haven't been as supportive as he might have wanted!

  • KarltonJ

    lovely...thanks for this

  • A. Jay
    A. Jay

    The Real vs Barca, Mou vs Pep, Messi vs Ronaldo were the most intense rivalry imaginable. I am happy I lived through every moment of it, the prelude, the epilogue, all.

    • Anon M
      Anon M

      I would add Man Utd vs Arsenal.

    • Brandon Weber
      Brandon Weber

      Most definitely. I can still remember that draw against Barcelona, the first draw where Pepe was fielded as a Destroyer in the midfield. Man to keep Barca at bay back then was something else haha

  • Elizabeth

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  • Peppermint

    bro fucking stop putting your stupid Twitter handle and subscribe message where the subtitles are.

  • Osama Addaiekh
    Osama Addaiekh

    I think what more impressive than winning titles in Madrid is how he mentally transforms the team .

  • Petter Tran
    Petter Tran

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  • Rover Team
    Rover Team

    Of course the intensity of rivalry between Manchester clubs was different....Imagine comparing Jones and Smalling to Pepe and Ramos......

  • Murat K.
    Murat K.

    Thanks for sharing man.

  • John Lavvas
    John Lavvas

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  • Aditya Raut
    Aditya Raut

    That's why Pep loves Messi more than any player..!!

  • Jonathon Daniels
    Jonathon Daniels

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  • Manan Gupta
    Manan Gupta

    JOSE was like a fire always hot and burning

  • Jae West
    Jae West

    What a fantastic video 👏👏

  • Raúl Noriega
    Raúl Noriega

    Today, one is in the Champions final, the other one was kicked out from Totemham and in a free fall career.

  • Kaws Expo
    Kaws Expo

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  • Ben Norhafifie
    Ben Norhafifie

    Pep obses with winning while Jose obses to beat Pep. Biggest manager rivalry alongside Arsene & SAF. This is one of reason i love this game.

    • Glenn Chua. Hian Beng
      Glenn Chua. Hian Beng

      Too bad VAR destroyed all the beautiful games these day.

  • Habib Sadman
    Habib Sadman

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  • Hamptonian Painting
    Hamptonian Painting

    The Catalans are such self victimizing cry babies lol

  • Micek

    If I Jose had a budget of 1billion he would win the treble 5 years in a row while Guardiola strugles to win a ucl with a team of a cost of about 1.5billion. Jose also won a ucl with porto.respect

    • Kings Marvel
      Kings Marvel

      @Bahja Bilan Madrid not winning ucl was just unlucky. Both loses came in the Semi finals and they weren’t the weaker team

    • Micek

      @Bahja Bilan ok m8 I would win that amount if trophies with that money+if you say when he was at bayern he didnt have money thats true but its bayern so he won the league any way but he didnt win the ucl btw has guardiola won a ucl with porto?????

    • Bahja Bilan
      Bahja Bilan

      Why did he not win with that Madrid squad of cr7 ozil Pepe ramos Marcelo benzema dimaria alonso khedira world class squad but he never won ucl Everywhere he goes why is he sacked Pep is generational coach the team that have are lucky

  • Manjunath Prasad CV
    Manjunath Prasad CV

    Barca vs Real Messi vs Ronaldo Pep vs Jose La masia vs Galactico Catalunya vs Spain Football peaked...........

  • Daidi Fanta
    Daidi Fanta

    Two of the greatest. Props to Pep for adapting his system and sustaining his high win %. Jose has not done too well last 4 years

  • olivia Ema
    olivia Ema

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  • jakob

    catalan footballers will want independence but to play for spain if they get the chance

  • Albert Zarilla
    Albert Zarilla

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  • AFF HB
    AFF HB

    Mac ma Armani is so biased while talking about that 5- 0 game. Real Madrid played like a bunch of butchers and at least half of the team should be sent off just by their fouls on Messi alone. I understand he played for real before, however you got to have basic decency.

  • Tiks Wanderer
    Tiks Wanderer

    Barca .. Munich.. city Pep couldn't get it with team like porto

    • Alain Niko
      Alain Niko

      @Mr.NotReady you may be surprised.

    • Mr.NotReady

      Give jose porto now and he wouldn't even win the Portuguese league

  • Nathan Biro
    Nathan Biro

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